The Soundtrack for Every Party



Not only do we guarantee the lowest rates, and play the best music that fits your occasion. We love to interact with the crowd. From participating in the group Dances(YMCA.ELECTRIC SLIDE etc.) to letting the crowd have fun with the microphone we love to watch our clients enjoy themselves. We are open to any recommendations that you may have throughout the party.

What Type of Event?

Having the experience that Feva Entertainment has. It is no wonder that we can cover all events. From Weddings and Engagement Parties, Birthdays and Christenings,to Proms, Sweet Sixteens and Corporate events. No party or crowd is too big or small for us to handle.

We have in depth library of music. Swinging to Glenn Miller to Michael Jackson's Thriller, we have it all. We offer Jazz, and instrumental during dinner. With some Jennifer Lopez, Donna Summer and Usher later on to keep everyone on their feet. We encourage all to participate during the Chicken Dance. And keep the Conga Line going.

Each Party is personally hosted DJ Artie  and DJ Johnny Feva. We typically offer 4 hours of music and MC service. As you know when everyone is having a good time. The Event may go over. We are very flexible and have no problem with accommodations.


Silver Package - Includes Mcee Basic Lighting (upgrade to lighting can be arranged), smoke or bubble machine

Gold Package - Includes DMX Intelligent lighting Mcee, smoke or bubble machine Also includes video screen with live broadcast and slide show throughout party with complementary pictures taken by Feva Entertainment.

Platinum Package (Wedding Package) - Includes DMX Intelligent lighting, Mcee, smoke or bubble machine. Also includes video screen with live broadcast and slide show throughout party with complementary pictures taken by Feva Entertainment. (Speak to us for Full Details)
The Karaoke Specialist

With the Success of “American Idol” and “America’s Got Talent”, who’s to say the next big star is not a Karaoke Song away from launching a successful career. Feva Entertainment got on board the Karaoke train just as it was riding fast and high. Hosting one of the most successful Karaoke Nights every Tuesday in Staten Island. Every week we had people lined up to belt out the latest tune or to bring us back to the past with hits from Elvis, The Beatles, and many more.

While Karaoke has slowed down a bit. We still offer it, and look forward to hosting your next Karaoke Party. Thousands of songs to chose from current and the past. State of the Video and lighting makes you feel like you are on stage at MSG performing live for your screaming fans.

Let us know how we can cater your next big Karaoke Party.


Audio, Lighting and Video Equipment, We know that sound and lighting represents the heart and soul of any DJ business. When it comes to sounding and looking professional,Feva Entertainment has you covered.We have multiple sound systems, that meet the requirements of any size room or hall. However,we like to keep the music to a respectable level and not have your guest shouting over one and other to be heard (unless you want us to). We also have multiple lighting systems. Basic lighting to give even the smallest event that special feel, to our Laser DMX Intelligent lighting system that makes your event look and feel like a concert.
As technology has advanced, so has the DJ business. Nowadays just about all DJs provide LCD or Plasma screen televisions as part of any package. Our Packages do as well. Not only do we have a plasma screen we are capable of streaming live video throughout the party. Feva Entertainment will take complementary photographs and run a slide show for your guests to enjoy. Special collages can be made as well.

We love to keep the energy at a fast pace. We have Dancers for any occasion. Doing the YMCA and The Chicken Dance, giving out the party motivators and taking requests from your guests. Our dancers are professional and experienced. Please contact us for details

Last but certainly not least, is our music library. With an exclusive library of music that includes just about anything, it is very hard for us not to have the songs that you or your guests are requesting. Oldies, Disco, New Wave, New Age, Hip Hop, Rock n Roll, Jazz, Freestyle,House and Instrumental. Chances are we have it. And if we don't we invite you to bring it.

Exciting Children’s Party Packages Now Available

Feva Entertainment specializes in children’s events and parties. In addition to musical chairs, dance tag and the chicken dance, we also offer face painting, and balloon animals, we have many of those recognizable characters that your children love and adore. Give us a shout to see how we can incorporate them into your little ones special event. 

We are very pleased to offer a real treat (Pardon the Pun). We now offer Cotton Candy or Popcorn that could be added to any package.

Why Hire Feva Entertainment?
In addition to the great rates and the customer friendly guarantee. You can be assured that your event will go over seamlessly.

We arrive for each and every party way in advance to do equipment checks and take any precautions necessary to ensure a trouble free evening. By getting to the parties in advanced we are able to discuss the formats with the caterers. Make sure everything fits the format, and all parties are on the same page.

Before the actual affair, we like to meet up and touch base. At which time we will go over any last minute requests and formalities.

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